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What is Workers Compensation?

A. Also known as workers comp, workers compensation is an employer/employee-funded insurance program that protects workers who are hurt or develop work related conditions, as a result of their employment. Although certain workers are not covered, including those whose employment is sporadic or true independent contractors, Washington state law mandates that the vast majority of employees are covered.

The conditions under which you are injured or develop a work-related condition matter. For example, you are most likely not covered for an injury that occurs during your morning commute, but you are covered if it occurs during a business trip. You can make a claim for preexisting conditions that are worsened due to an on the job injury, but not for injuries that occur outside of working hours. You are not covered for intentional self-inflicted injuries, but are covered whether the injury was caused by your fault, caused by a fellow employee or was caused by no one’s fault at all ( it is a no fault system).

Workers compensation covers your medical bills and hospital stays that are a result of your workplace injury or condition. In addition, it pays a portion of your salary during doctor-mandated time off work. If you are temporarily or permanently disabled , whether partially or totally disabled, workers compensation will pay benefits. Should you die from a covered workplace accident or illness, your survivors may be eligible for certain payments.

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