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What Is Social Security?

A. Established by the Social Security Act in 1935, Social Security is a federal program that provides income to the retired and disabled. Rather than being funded in advance like a private pension, Social Security benefits are paid from payroll taxes assessed on people who are currently working.

The amount that you will receive from Social Security depends on a number of factors, including how much you paid into the fund when you were working, whether you are retired or disabled, and at what age you retired or became disabled. Surviving spouses and dependent children may be eligible for benefits after the Social Security recipient passes away.

SSI, or supplemental security income, is similar to Social Security, but it is not based on how much was paid into the fund. Instead, it is a safety net for very low income people who are blind, disabled, or aged 65 or above. The amount that you will receive depends on your income and resources.

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