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How does Workers Comp Work?

A. Workers comp is an employer/employee-funded insurance program that protects workers who are injured on the job, or develop a work-related conditions. In Washington, certain large employers are eligible to self-insure, rather than participating in the State Fund workers program, but your rights as a worker are exactly the same.

To be covered by workers comp, you need to report your condition or injury to your employer right away and see a doctor as soon as possible, although you technically have one year from the date of injury to file an injury claim with the Department of Labor and Industries . Your employer will provide you with a claim form that, along with documentation from your doctor, is sent to the state Department of Labor and Industries. It is possible that your claim will be denied initially, but there is a procedure in place for protests and appeals.

Certain employees are not covered by workers comp, including individual domestic employees (though households employing two or more must cover everyone), hairdressers renting space, and some freelancers and true independent contractors. Talk to your employer or your attorney if you have questions about whether you qualify.

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