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Personal Injury Attorney, Bryan P. Stubbs

Best Personal Injury Attorney in Tacoma

Your injuries are bad enough. Trying to justify them in the court system can be an even more bruising experience. I clear a path and put myself between you and the legal battles. My job as a personal injury attorney is to protect your health and peace of mind as you recover and deliver the justice and compensation you deserve.

Win Three Ways

Get Justice

When you’ve been seriously injured your priorities suddenly shift. You’re less worried about revenge and more worried about being made whole. You want your life back. I make sure that whatever solution the court comes up with addresses all of your needs – medical bills, job, income, family, emotional trauma – everything you need to get your life back on track.

Get Compensation

Yes, I’ve delivered million dollar awards to my clients. I’ve also worked on far smaller cases. No matter the size of the case, I’m often able to get more money than expected by knowing how to attack the problem from multiple angles. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished when the goal isn’t to make me look good, but to get you every dollar possible. Maybe that’s why I’m one of the few Personal Injury attorneys that actually allows his firm to be rated by the Better Business Bureau. We’ve had their highest rating – A+ -- for years now. When you consistently deliver results for your clients, you’re not afraid of their feedback.

Get an Honest Advocate

Attorney used to mean advocate, but sometimes it can be tough to tell if the lawyer is really on your side. I’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you throughout your ordeal and tell you the truth every step of the way.

The Truth

In fact, let’s start with a little truth right now. Read enough attorney websites and here’s what you’ll find…

Others will tell you they’ll fight for you

Protecting you doesn’t mean picking a fight. Instead I focus on being right. That’s a heck of a lot more intimidating. In law, being right can take down whole companies and teams of lawyers. In one case, I was able to convince the insurance company to pay a million dollar settlement without ever going to court.

Others will tell how complex it is.

The law may be, but answers shouldn’t be. You’ll never get legal double speak from me – just plain, honest talk.

Others will tell you some cases just aren’t winnable

What they mean is some cases aren’t as profitable. Other attorneys don’t want you to know that there are “good” injuries and “bad” injuries. The “good” ones are visible – things like broken bones, surgeries, and missing limbs. The “bad” injuries aren’t as easy to see or understand, but are just as damaging to your life and livelihood, like waking up every day in severe back pain. Those cases aren’t as easy to win. It takes more personal attention and a committed attorney who believes in you and your pain to see it through.

Others will tell you they’ve won LOTS of million dollar cases

If that’s true, then what’s also true is that they’re looking to qualify you. They want to find out if you’re a potential pay day. If not, you’ll get turned down or shuffled off to a less experienced attorney in the firm. I’m here to help you. Not every case can win a million dollars, but every person who is unfairly injured deserves protection and compensation.

So much of the law is timing. Knowing when to hold your ground and go to court. Knowing when to push for a settlement -- but not too soon. Because I’m involved in the case from the moment it starts I get to know you - your needs and desires - so I can do the right thing at the right time for you.

One lawyer. One relationship. From start to finish.

Take the first step toward receiving the compensation that you deserve. Call my office today at 253-383-5891 for a free initial consultation.

Areas of Practice

You deserve a lawyer who is trained, experienced, and committed to the particular area of the law that your case involves. That’s why I focus solely in helping people get the compensation they deserve. You won’t find me handling repossessions, helping big corporations get richer, or telling landlords how to evict. My practice focuses on YOU. I practice three related, yet independent, areas of the law.

Workers compensation includes both occupational diseases, or conditions that develop over time from the physical nature of your job, and industrial injuries, or traumatic events that happen suddenly at work. The law allows you to collect damages based on medical bills, lost wages, and permanent disability, depending on the extent of your condition. But you must jump through quite a few hoops to prove your case. That’s where I come in. I know the law and I can guide you through the legal process of proving your claim.

A car accident can be overwhelming, frightening, and depressing. You’re expected to navigate a complex web of insurance company paperwork and legal requirements, all while trying to heal from your injuries and repair or replace your car. On top of all that, you might be asked to decide whether a particular settlement offer is fair and reasonable before you even know the extent of your injuries! Let me act as your representative and guide, taking care of your filing requirements and negotiating with the insurance companies for you. If you need to file a lawsuit, I know the process and am not intimidated by the possibility of going to trial.

Getting disability benefits is tough. After months of waiting, the majority of people are denied the first time, and many of those who file an appeal are also denied. Did you know that the Social Security Administration (SSA)’s own statistics show that you are more likely to be approved if you have legal representation? Like any government agency, the SSA requires every “t” to be crossed and every “i” to be dotted, and you can be turned down for all sorts of reasons that have little to do with your actual medical condition. I have the experience and knowledge to follow the procedures to the letter and enhance your chances of being approved.

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My law firm assists clients throughout the Tacoma, WA area. For over 50 years, our office has been helping injured people claim the compensation that they deserve. Call us today at 253-383-5891 to schedule your free initial consultation. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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